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Unbiased Third Party View

Evaluation is best when performed by an independent third party. At CheckMyProp we ensure that conflict of interest are minimized by keeping high standards of transparency. 

Go Beyond the Naked Eye

Not Every defect is visible to a naked eye nor its impact can be appreciated by a common home dwellers. CheckMyProp technicians are groomed by professionals with industry exposure to bring right expertise for task in hand. 

Skilled & Trained Professionals

Industry know how along with right skills is essential to use tools and follow consistent processes. At CheckMyProp, we invest in training our technicians to ensure quality in inspection they do for you. 

Skilled and Trained Professionals

Scientific Toolset for Quality

Important defects can hide behind layers or not be very obvious. CheckMyProp utilizes right tools and processes to give you numbers that help you take informed decisions regarding your property.

CheckMyProp home inspections offer independent, unbiased, scientific evaluations of properties through non-invasive methods using state of the art tools for home owners, prospective buyers, tenants, brokers, investors and others. 

Why CheckMyProp?

Automation & Instrumentation

A house is more than bricks and mortar. It consists of components from various engineering streams like civil, mechanical, electrical electronics etc.  Our experience to Automation & Instrumentation gives us wisdom to select right tools for right job.


Infra Red Thermography camera for seepage detection

Infra Red Thermography can reveal seepage and leakage issue before it is visible to the naked eyes as well as identify faulty electrical connection before it leads to an accident

Our Background

Having experienced the process of Home buying we empathize with your needs & insecurities and value your requirement for transparency. As a buyer you may know what to check and how to do it but execution of the same is not always possible.

Impact Centric Evaluation

Alarm Clock

We have observed that often due to lack of time and patience, buyers are not able to do an exhaustive check. The financial impact of each observation is not always clear to the buyer. 

Real Estate Delivery Exposure

Every home is not constructed conforming to the specifications and standards. Know how of specifications, standards and quality check methods in real estate gives us ability to device processes that can assure a standard for evaluation.  


Clamp meter for electrical checks in Home Inspection

An ELCB may be able to protect your home from short circuit fire but if not of the correct rating it may not avoid fatality from electric shock.

Insider Knowledge of Real Estate Sales

Fancy images in sales brochures and hyped promises by the sales team may sound really appealing but may actually not be true. Often builder oversights may result in issues cropping up with time. Our experience in real estate sales gives us the knowledge to identify these.


Smart Socket tester for fault finding in electrical sockets

Sleek looking premium brand electrical fittings give stunning aesthetics but if the wire sizing and earthing are not conforming to standards risk of accidents go up.

CheckMyProp does not stop at plain home inspection. We classify observations into key classes that are relevant to end customers such as health, safety, workmanship and specifications. We also provide insights into financial impacts of the issues so that customers can take informed and timely decisions.

How we Execute?

Checks in Balcony & Terrace


  • Railing check for fall hazard

  • Check for intrusion hazard

  • Wall, floor & railing check for workmanship & installation

  • Electrical and Plumbing checks 

  • Disabled friendliness check

  • Kids friendliness check for fall hazard

  • Antiskid floor, slope, and hollow tile check


Checks in Kitchen

  • Platform, Cabinets and Kitchen fittings check

  • Wall, floor & fixtures check for workmanship

  • Ceiling and wall check for seepage

  • Electrical and Plumbing checks 

  • Appliances check for functionality and aesthetics

  • Disabled friendliness check

  • Kids friendliness check for fall hazard

  • Floor slope and hollow tile check


Checks in Bedroom


  • Cabinets, Doors & Windows check for functionality and workmanship

  • Wall, floor & fixtures check for workmanship

  • Ceiling and wall check for seepage

  • Electrical fixtures checks 

  • Disabled friendliness check

  • Floor slope and hollow tile check


Checks in Bathroom


  • Sanitary fittings, Doors & Windows check for functionality and workmanship

  • Wall, floor & fixtures check for workmanship

  • Ceiling and wall check for seepage

  • Electrical and Plumbing checks 

  • Disabled friendliness check

  • Floor slope and hollow tile check


Checks in Living Room


  • Doors & Windows check for functionality and workmanship

  • Wall, floor & fixtures check for workmanship

  • Electrical fixture checks 

  • Disabled friendliness check

  • Floor slope and hollow tile check


General Checks


  • Usable Area Measurement using Laser Rangefinder

  • Door and window locks for functionality

  • Sliding window and door tracks for functionality and installation

  • Electrical plug points  check for 6 types of fault identification using smart tester

  • Seepage checks of walls and ceilings using Infrared camera 

  • Appliances check for functionality and aesthetics

  • Floor slope check using level gauge

  • All fixtures installation check

  • All plumbing components functionality check

  • All woodwork workmanship quality check

  • Pest and termite intrusion check


CheckMyProp does not endorse sample checks. We do an exhaustive check of all components of your home to ensure nothing is missed out. We have more than 400 checkpoints for a 2-BHK and more than 500 checkpoints for a 3-BHK. Some checks require specialized tools and trained personnel.


What we Uncover

Tangible Builder Oversight

Properties at times do not conform to specifications mentioned by builders.

A trained professional can help identify such items.

Possible Health


Left behind potential health risks do affect residents in long run. Inspectors can detect such issues and suggest remediation.

Potential Safety Concerns

Safety issues range from ease of unintended access to possible hazards. Right advice in beginning helps control these. 

Downstream Financial Impact

All issues will have some financial impacts, advise is required to understand severity for timely rectification

Workmanship Related


Evaluating workmanship quality requires access to

right tools, knowledge of

by-laws and an

eye for finish

CheckMyProp helps customers uncover issues in their properties and understand the risks and the impact of these with our detailed assessment

What we Deliver


Proof of Work

Measurement tool indicating accuracy and precision

Assurance from a specialist third person, on quality of what has been delivered, multiplies joy of home buying.

Document Evidence

Documentary Evidence

A smart buyer always keeps qualitative evidence for anything she acquires. Why should your home be an exception to that?

Negotiating Position

Win-Win negotiation

Someone with knowledge always has an upper hand in any negotiation. Why not know about property you are buying or selling?

Financial Savings


Save time and money using our report to work with your seller to get defects rectified and show off your prized possession.

Peace of Mind

Tranquility indicating peace of mind

What is more precious than being relaxed about moving into a home of your dreams and that too of a measured quality?

CheckMyProp helps customers understand how to evaluate their property in key metrics so that they can make informed decisions. CheckMyProp home inspections would help customers understand quality of property in simple terms so as to empower them to take informed decisions. 

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